Sexual Adventures in the UK

Are you planning your next jaunt to the United Kingdom for a little rumpy pumpy? Perhaps, you are tired of the lay of the land in your own neighbourhood and are looking to being freshened up by exposure to some new hills and down dales. Sexual adventures in the UK are the stuff of dreams with such a multicultural population. If you thought the variety of take away food in your own country was pretty good just wait and see what we have in store for you here.

Exotic ladies and gents with natural appetites unhindered by any tyrannies of distance; everything is so accessible in the UK. The motorway system is second to none and public transport is affordable and prevalent. Exploration north or south, east or west, is all within arm’s reach, as you lay your paws on some prize pussy or pizzle. The accents change as you make your way around this magic isle but not where and what bits go where; unless you are seeking a bit of trannie action. The sexy SMS chat will amaze you with the lovely accents coming out of the other end of the phone; Geordie, Cockney, Scots, Irish and Welsh.

Are you swinging with your partner on this trip? Well, swinger’s parties and clubs dot this emerald island; servicing couples endeavouring to keep their relationships fresh over the years. You can even do a swinger’s tour of Britain; just imagine the songs being sung on the bus as you make your way up every highway and down every byway. Accommodation is all sorted and restaurants all booked; all you have to concentrate on is the nooky. You will make lifelong friends on a trip like this and think of the slide evenings with family and friends upon your return.

For those into bondage we Brits have a soft spot for whips and chains; it is in our DNA so to speak. It is in our history, what with Henry the eighth and the Tower and all that. We will tie you down and torture you to your heart’s content. Dripping hot wax on your skin no problem, piss on you too, and even, kiss it better afterwards. Yes we love to slash about with things that hurt the skin and make you feel inferior and inadequate.

Come and discover sexual adventures in the UK; we welcome you!