Foot Fetish Tripping: Thrills & Spills

The wonders of exploring a foot fetish – where will it lead you? I have to share a little secret immediately; my first job in the big bad world was as a junior shoe salesman at Florsheim shoes. Yes I slipped off the slippers of, well, not many Cinderellas but a hell of a lot of businessmen. There is something sensual about treating people’s feet, the whole removing and replacing of a shoe; it is an act of grace. Jesus and his whole milieu were into washing the feet of their associates; it was a holy act. John tells us about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and his recommendation that they all should wash each other’s feet. Hell it must have been an orgy of feet washing in old Jerusalem town.

But I imagine that psychologically it would be hard to hold a grudge against someone whom you have just washed their feet. The very act of bathing feet is soothing and something special; a healing ritual. Similarly, facilitating the ‘trying on’ of several pairs of brand new brogues creates a special bond between buyer and shoe salesperson. Often the punter is embarrassed about his or her foot odour, after walking the city streets, especially on a hot day. This immediately puts them in your favour and you assure them that it is entirely normal. Our feet are our connection to the earth; they are our first contact with the ground wherever we travel to.

When we walk into the boudoir of a lover, we do so upon our feet and they take us into the lair of the sexual beast; whether fox or cougar or a bloke. The missionary position is interesting because we do not stand upon our feet during congress in this style. The feet get to rest and perhaps, deserve some special treat all of their own; some toe sucking and tickling at least. A foot massage is divine and when they use oils and creams it is orgasmic. The podiatrist performs a valuable role in our community healing the feet and fitting feet to shoes. The journey is long without comfortable foot wear and hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died in wars because they lost their boots; just think of the Kokoda Trail.

The sex industry social media channels have opened new doors, they have got their foot in the door early and are reaping rich rewards. They will scratch your back, rub your tummy and stroke your tired feet. So next time you are in the sack with mister or missus right, please don’t forget their feet.