Tantric Wife Swapping: When the Sex gets Spiritual

Sex is sweeter for many when they feel that their partner is theirs to possess alone. That their intimate behaviour is private and personal, between, just the two of them. This is considered normal in our western societies today. Of course, when things go wrong and adultery is suspected, male partners often go berserk and […]

Wife Swapping vs Polyamory: How Long Can It Lust?

When you do it differently, when you travel the road less travelled, the way can be bumpy ahead and you want to be wearing a good pair of shoes. When it comes to sex and relationships and you step outside of the accepted routes, you can really be in for some interesting times; as old […]

Cuckolding and Sperm Wars: The Genetic Race Excites

For some men, seeing their partner have sex with another man is a great sexual thrill – but why? Scientists have now discovered that it’s all about the sperm wars. Biologically, knowing another man’s sperm is set to impregnate one’s partner causes some men’s arousal button to be triggered at a heightened level. This intense sexual […]

Digital Penetration: Sex in the Virtual Age

We live in a virtual world. Yes, we have all heard that before, but is it really true? It may be more true to say that we live in a dual world, the one we experience with all of our five senses, and another which digitally records our lives like a real time diary. A […]

Inviting an Escort Over for a Threesome

Inviting an escort over for a threesome can be a great way to reinvigorate your sex life. We all know that married life can hit a few flat spots in the boudoir and a no strings attached professional lover can be the answer. Make it a special occasion gift for yourselves: for your anniversary, birthday […]