Cuckolding and Sperm Wars: The Genetic Race Excites

For some men, seeing their partner have sex with another man is a great sexual thrill – but why? Scientists have now discovered that it’s all about the sperm wars. Biologically, knowing another man’s sperm is set to impregnate one’s partner causes some men’s arousal button to be triggered at a heightened level. This intense sexual “rush” is what is now regarded as the genetic trigger for the erotic practice of cuckolding.

Understanding the psychological ramifications of your own biology is an important part of finding sexual fulfilment. Science doesn’t seem to be sexy, quite the reverse really, every science teacher I had at school was a total dweeb; which was one of the reasons I failed biology. Interestingly now that I am a bit older I love reading about science and biology in particular. We all shoot the messenger in life I find.

If you have ever been involved in a bizarre love triangle you will know that it is full of emotional pain and intense sexual highs. Sex news tells us that it is natural for the male to want to conquer the female and if he is competing with another male, then he, generally, raises his game. He is harder, more easily aroused, and cuming in buckets, to win that sperm war. Cuckolding and sperm wars: the genetic race excites the alpha males to outperform and subjugate the competition. Many blokes will shy away from situations like this, but some love the bitter sweet nature of the tryst.

The human brain has evolved into three distinct sections, with the brain stem at the base connecting to the top of the spine; this is our instinctive first brain. This has been described as our reptilian brain, it is our first reaction, our instinctive reaction. Next, comes the cerebellum, which is located at the back of the brain stem. The cerebellum controls coordination for balance and movement; and despite its comparatively small size has more neurons than any other part of the brain. The cerebrum, also known as the cortex is the largest part of our brain and is divided into four sections. This brain is why we have evolved from simple primates into creatures which invent gods to explain our own complexity. Language, memory, reasoning, processing sensory information and a host of other functions reside in this large area. The limbic system contained within the cerebrum is our emotional brain, containing the thalamus, hypothalamus, amygdala and hippocampus.

The point of this description of our brains is that sex resides in the brain and in a number of the parts of the brain. Genitals are the sensors but the real satisfaction happens between the ears. Sex at the most basic level is reproductive, but if you have ever watched lions mating it is not a patch on what we as humans experience. Sexual arousal and orgasm affect the limbic system especially; it is a feeling state when sex is truly great. Remember to feed all the parts of your brain with sex that really shakes the peaches from the tree.