Digital Penetration: Sex in the Virtual Age

We live in a virtual world. Yes, we have all heard that before, but is it really true? It may be more true to say that we live in a dual world, the one we experience with all of our five senses, and another which digitally records our lives like a real time diary. A couple of generations of younger folk have grown up with this technology and it is a very real part of their lives. They are Inspector Gadget generations obsessed with seeing themselves in the digital sphere.

Digital penetration: sex in the virtual age. Yes we have all been well and truly penetrated by the online experience. Pornography has blossomed into a global flowering that some might call a weed. Social media is alive with the spring time sexuality of its billions of users. Images and texts telling what were once private stories but now are fodder for public consumption. Sex on webcams is replacing plain old phone sex. Soon we will be having sex with robots and then robots will be having sex with robots. Some might say that this is already happening.

Can any of this ever be truly satisfying? Is it just adult entertainment for dummies? The desire to be seen to be doing cool things has generally waned with age in the past. People begin to realise that life is better lived on whatever small stage they may inhabit than pretending forever on the world’s stage. Be here now! As the old sixties counterculture mantra used to go. Get inside of your own life and stop looking at it through the eyes of others via a digital agency. Facebook friends aren’t real. Twitter is not a real conversation. Sexting is not real sex.

When the power blacks out and you have to light that candle, have a look at your partner, husband or wife, and/or have a look in the mirror. Technology fills in some of the gaps in a busy life, but it is not what life is really about. When the commercial passenger jet you are on is going down, will you be on the phone, texting, or will you be making peace with yourself? Is the reflection of your life in the data and digital images stored in the cloud who you are? Or are you something more, that just, might not have been recorded by a gadget?

Sex is fuelled by a primal urge necessary for the reproduction of animals and will it be programmed into twenty first century robots? Probably but why?