Wife Swapping vs Polyamory: How Long Can It Lust?

When you do it differently, when you travel the road less travelled, the way can be bumpy ahead and you want to be wearing a good pair of shoes. When it comes to sex and relationships and you step outside of the accepted routes, you can really be in for some interesting times; as old Mister Confucius would say. Let’s face it people just don’t like it when other people do things differently with their dicks and vaginas. Sex has been happening for a long time on this planet, relatively speaking, and evolution has had a big say in what has been going down.

Angela and Bob emailed us from Nottingham to ask: What’s the average length of a wife-swapping relationship? Which is a very good question, I suppose, if you are looking ahead and not living in the moment. Great sex is all about being here now, I find. There is statistical data for a very small number of people enjoying long lasting alternatively structured intimate relationships. Over time, however, lust has been seen not to be able to sustain relationships of any kind. When you combine this with societal disapproval from family and friends for wife swapping and Polyamory it is not a recipe for a long life.

Can a lustful association between couples evolve into a highly enlightened, civilised mutual-sharing co-operative? It takes special people to swing in an enlightened way which does not damage other intimates. Human relationships involve more than just sexual appetites; they involve shared feelings and emotional support. Most long lasting relationships are built on security and shared investments, like children and property. The flames of lust die down and are replaced by the responsibilities of living a shared existence. This is the reality for the majority of human beings in the world.

Wife swapping and polyamory: how long can it lust? However, Angela and Bob, you can be brave and buck the trend. Go for what you want and take the adventure; bugger the statistics. Reach out and meet new couples in search for similar things as yourselves. Sensual massage can be a good place to start, perhaps, look out for online classifieds mentioning massage and/or you can join swinger’s clubs. Every great journey is begun with one small step and taking a deep breath before embarking. Lust, life and laughter are out there waiting for you both and I am sure that you will find a berth for your pleasure craft.