When Sex is Your Number 1 Hobby

Reading books, playing video games, baking and gardening are among the most common pastime of adults. But there are some people, especially couples, who consider sex as a form of leisure activity. When sex is your number 1 hobby, not only it intensifies the intimacy between you and your partner, but it also improves your health and well-being.

In a shocking revelation, the Mirror reported that even celebrities and people from high places regard sex as their favourite pastime. Thalia made her raunchy admission in an interview with the Mirror. According to the Queen of Latin Pop, her hobby is having sex, and even her husband has the same interest.

When Sex is Your Number 1 Hobby

When sex is your number 1 hobby, you tend to do things that you don’t normally do on a typical day; for instance, connecting with swapping-friendly cam girls or engaging in sexual orgies with your couple friends.

According to a paper published by the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, sex as a hobby has become a common practice since people view sex more than just a way of procreating. In addition, when sex is your number 1 hobby, it means that you are practically good at it, considering that your hobby skills get better with constant practice.

Sex as a hobby is not always morally bad. In fact, this kind of perception on sex put an end to the shame and slurring associated with exploring new ways to reach sexual satisfaction. Moreover, when sex is your number 1 hobby, it unties us to the gender and sexuality norms of the society. This way, we can be the person who we really want to be. Some people may opt to be genderless, while others may hypersexualise themselves and admit that they are fond of this unusual hobby.

When sex is your number 1 hobby, it promotes and maintains your healthy sex life. And with it comes various benefits. For instance, research shows that those who have sex more often have increased protection from acquiring or developing heart diseases. In addition, a person with an active sex life is assured of lower blood pressure and a good night sleep.