How To Conduct A Headache Free Threesome

Having a threesome is one of the sexual fantasies of men. But it may soon turn out as a reality since threesomes are actually becoming orthodox these days. In fact, it is now included in the to-do list of most couples. One of the few reasons why threesome is turning into a norm is pornography. […]

Husband-Swapping: A Feminist Perspective

Lots of people are involved in unsatisfactory and unhappy relationships. The divorce rate in the United Kingdom, with some forty two percent of all marriages ending in divorce, attests to that. Often it is a couple’s sex life which bears the brunt of the blame for the end of marital bliss. It is harder to […]

Wife Swapping vs Polyamory: How Long Can It Lust?

When you do it differently, when you travel the road less travelled, the way can be bumpy ahead and you want to be wearing a good pair of shoes. When it comes to sex and relationships and you step outside of the accepted routes, you can really be in for some interesting times; as old […]