The Ten Hottest Wife Swapping Ideas in the UK This Year

A bit of Bob & Carol Ted & Alice can put some oomph into the tiredest relationship in Huddersfield or anywhere else. So we thought that we would put together the ten hottest wife swapping ideas in the UK this year. Take note of the fact that it is never referred to as ‘husband swapping’, quite likely because if it was initiated by women they would never want to swap back.

At Number 1, why not end your memorable foursome with a trip to the tattooist and genital piercer. You will then never forget this juicy encounter, because every time you look down at your dick or pussy there will be a reminder. You could even have your names tattooed on some part of your anatomy or maybe just the enigmatic ‘Bob & Carol Ted & Alice’ in hot pink ink.

Number2, for the exhibitionists, why not a live webcam online streaming of your group encounter? Make sure that you have adequately promoted the event prior to staging it; it would be a pity to waste all that effort and technical production for zero audience interest for your online group sex.

At Number 3, swap your wife with your best friend’s wife and go on a shared holiday to a nudist theme park in Brazil. Brazilian men claim to have the biggest penises on the planet.

Coming in at Number 4, a mixed foursome performing live on stage to raise money for charity at your local bingo hall. Making sure once more that the event is properly promoted through posters and handbills.

Sizzling at Number 5, is the sensational idea of swapping with those less fortunate. Advertise your intention to provide a weekend of indulgence, luxury and sexual adventure at your wealthy mansion or country estate.

The ten hottest wife swapping ideas in the UK this year continues:

Number 6, a nude golf mixed foursome event for single figure handicappers with compulsory sixty niners between outward and inward nines.

Number 7, get your foursome out on the water this year with boat hire in the Mediterranean. Fishing with a big rod has never been this much fun.

At Number 8, flashing your bits at the local shopping mall. Members of your foursome are encouraged to lift up their skirts and drop their trousers at inappropriate times to strangers.

Number 9, nude big game safari in Kenya; get in the raw with some lions and tigers.

Number 10, fight club for swingers, memorialise your sexy group encounter with some sickening bruises. Beat the shit out of each other naked and then kiss and make-up.